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Update from Heath May 15, 2012

Thank you to everyone that has helped bring about the current interest in my case. None of this would be possible without devoted and dedicated people that have refused to be quiet or intimidated. It is never easy to open up and talk about these things, and as always I am sorry to those that hurt or have to revisit their pasts by seeing me do so. As a victim of abuse we all know that our own voice is often times not enough and we have to depend on others that have the power to make others listen. Some will never listen, some will never see, but my words are for those that have a desire to understand. Some people will go there entire lives never wanting the truth about "why" and may take comfort in the protective distance they've placed between themselves and understanding. Ignorance is bliss for those who choose not to feel, because once you do understand it can never be forgotten. There will always be those who speak out against simply to be heard or involved and I believe they have a right to their side and beliefs as I do. Nobody can ever tell you how you feel or ever say why you do what you do, so I have to be at peace simply learning to answer those things for myself. I couldn't have come this far without my loving family and wife, friends, and the abuse victims that have written over the years. Each and everyone played a role in helping me discover who I am and want to be. The other victims share those feelings of hurt, confusion, loss, anger, regret, shame and often we blame ourselves. You all helped me see I didn't deserve what happened. I didn't ask for it, and I did deserve to be loved. It took a long time for me to see that I deserved love and that wanting Jack to love me like a father wasn't asking him to abuse me. My family didn't deserve what happened to them, and as victims they deserve to have others know why. They are no longer here and the void left behind will forever be felt, but in their memory I can seek to have the truth finally aired. Why now? Why not confess it all when it first happened? Anyone who has read the court documents that have been salvaged can see that much WAS said and NONE of it mattered. Other victims of Jack told me they knew before it happened, and the entire town knew first hand the control used to keep things quiet and the destruction Jack got away with for years. I told a friend recently, "When we flee our own mind's screams for release, we ensure its continued imprisonment." But, when we finally let go and let that inner child have his or her day we help to release ourselves from the horror. How many of Jack's victims never came forward out of shame? All I can say is there is no reason to be ashamed of being a child that was used and abused. I know how hard it is to let go of the social importance of perception, how others see us, but no one can live your life for you. I was forced into facing my past head on because of the circumstances, but others will have to make the conscious choice to free themselves. I've been in one kind of prison or another my whole life but can say the freedom I feel sharing my most painful experiences means the world to me because I feel like I am giving something back that can never be taken away. I've learned that those that love us always will love us because they know our hearts, and that is something Jack can never take from any of us. My family loved me and stood by me even when Jack's abuse was still being silenced, when there was no answer to "why" and after they found out they continued to love me. Anyone that knew me in school or life knows I am not a cold blooded killer, but I understand for many it was easier to change who they thought I was than to see the person they knew involved with my family's deaths. Some will still say that "why" doesn't matter, but if it doesn't how can we ever keep other kids safe in the future if we refuse to acknowledge the cause of this tragedy? One thing you have to say about prison is that inmates aren't afraid to call child molesters for exactly what they are: people who preyed upon children who couldn't fend for themselves. Through the years I've heard the stories of inmates who've served time with Jack, how he brags that we all asked for it and pursued HIM. You can't imagine how it feels to hear the man who forced himself on you as a child describe you or any other victim as his "lovers" or to hear that he is doing the same thing to a 17 year old boy in prison. The depth of his depravity has not ceased, it's simply changed venues. My point in saying this is to stress that child molesters don't change and will continue with that sick mind-set, even in prison where they are hated for it.

Part of my hope in doing the interview is that all who knew me back in Lonoke could see in me the person they knew and remembered, and although that person was supressed by the evil of Jack I've had 15 years to find myself, heal, learn, and understand the "how" and "why" of what happened to me and my family. The support I received afterwards touched me and my family deeply and I thank all of you who were willing to look at my case with an open mind, put aside old rumor and speculation, and offer hometown support. That's more than I ever dreamed of asking for.



Update from Heath April 8, 2012

Well, I find myself once again realizing too much time has gone by and I haven't been sharing as much as I should with those who care about my plight. Once you've been in prison a long time you do what you can to pass the days and keep a decent outlook on life. So much has changed since my last update and I will do my best to fill you in. I'm now working the night-shift in the boiler room as a boiler operator, and soon I'll be taking the test to receive my license in May. It's one of the few jobs, if not the only job I could get where I could use my license to get a job in the free world. It's been a learning process that has taken three years to complete. The only drawback is working nights and the heat in the summer pretty intense, with temp inside reaching 95 at night at up to 120 during the day. Makes me grateful that I work nights, and that I have a good job, period! It's a pretty boring job if everything is going smoothly, so I do lots of reading and have learned to adjust so I can sleep during the day. I once lived in the open barracks with 50 others, but had to move to an area where I have a cell to myself in order to have a little bit of quiet to sleep. Beyond the quiet, it sure is nice to have my own toilet again! You never really appreciate your privacy until you have to draw a trash can in front of yourself to block out the people watching TV to try and do your business, not to mention anyone can come sit down next to you at anytime. My point is that it's nice to have a place to call my own and get away from it all, because while I don't mind some socializing, it sure helps to have a little bit of your own space in here. If I have a bad day there's a place I can go to be alone, and when people get sick it doesn't spread so close when you have a cell to live in. There's always a positive side, right? I've adjust to working nights the best I can and really enjoy being able to step outside and glimpse at the stars and breathe some fresh air. I have a small area which I can do so, and it means a lot to me to have just that little bit of freedom. I'm still behind the electric fence and on camera, but in my mind I can imagine I'm anywhere when I look at the stars. After being in prison all these years, fresh air and stars go a mighty long way, and I thank God for the opportunity. I'm finally recovering from my ankle injury, and my days at volleyball may be numbered! I sprained it pretty bad but it's healing up nicely. We have yard call twice a week for an hour and a half, so you can walk around and play volleyball or just get some sun. I try to go even though it's in the middle of what would be my night, simply because I need the vitamin D on my skin. I've recently been involved with people who are producing a show for the Investigation Discovery Network, and it should air sometime in the summer or fall months. I always feel blessed that an interest has continued in my case, and maybe helping by sharing other things may happen. Please keep things in your prayers, it is so hard to trust that people will do the right thing, and we can all pray more help will come from this. I would like to thank Kathie for all the hard work and time she put in helping the producers. Everyone has praised her ability to explain and connect things, and no one appreciates it more than I do. Dr. Eddie Blackwelder also played an important part in things and took the time to provide case file documents that help breakdown my case as well as defend me. He is as real and sincere as they get and I'm very grateful that he has never given up on me. Thank you Eddie and Shirley for always being there and doing all you can to make sure I never feel forgotten. I also have a visit coming up with a journalism student from UALR, and I also have hopes to aid her in doing a story concerning my case. Thank you to all those who have sent books and money, too, because I wouldn't have the small comforts without it. Books are a treasure to me, and I love a good story to fall into. I don't watch much TV so it's important that I have some way for my mind to escape this place. Thank you to all those assisting Kathie in every way, it means the world to me and lifts my heart. Until I write again, know I love you all and cherish your support and love.

Update on Heath January 3, 2012

Happy New Year everyone! Let's pray together that 2012 is a year of HOPE and change! 2011 paved the road for hope with the freeing of the West Memphis Three, a long overdue miracle that renewed our faith that change can actually happen in the state of Arkansas. Heath was housed in the same unit as Jason Baldwin and it lifts his heart to know that someone who he saw day after day in that dark place is now breathing the air of freedom and enjoying life to its fullest. We pray that God continues to shine His blessings on the three of them!

On our own front it's important for us to acknowledge and give thanks to all of those who have reached out to Heath this past year, especially those from his hometown of Lonoke. I cannot stress how much it means to Heath to hear from each of you. In the years prior he felt that the person he was in his heart had been forgotten behind the tragedy or worse yet feared that the people he knew from the past considered him to be someone that deserved to be thrown away forever. Instead what we found were people who cared about his future, who were brave enough to put aside the rumor and speculation that surrounded his case and see Heath as the person they remembered growing up with. More importantly, we found friends who were not afraid to voice the truth about Walls' influence on all the boys he violated, his silencing power in the community, and his influence over law enforcement at the time of the murders. We cannot thank you enough for your bravery to go against the grain and the expectation of some to forget what Walls did and "leave well enough alone."

As many may know, Heath's bid for clemency in 2007 was rejected by the state of Arkansas. However, this will not deter us from trying again and again until the mitigating factors in his case are acknowledged. They can only be ignored for so long and we have hope that an entity with the power to change his circumstances will take notice.

Heath is now 35, with 15 years of his life served in prison. He's currently housed in the Maximum Security Unit in Tucker. He works nights in the boiler room and will be taking the test for his operator's license in the near future. His grandparents and aunts visit him on the weekends and he looks forward to sharing time with them. His grandparents are getting older so every visit with them is treasured. Hopefully, their dream for Heath to have a life will be realized before God calls them home. He recently had some visitors from Lonoke, as well, and it was an unexpected surprise that lifted his spirits high. Thank you Judy and Kelly!

Heath is painfully aware that it has been a long while since he has personally posted an update here but he is working on one that should be up soon. In the meantime, please accept his apology for leaving his supporters in the dark. Anyone who would like to write to Heath is welcome and he would love to hear from you. His address can be found on the "Contact Heath" page of this website.

Take care and God bless!!

PS. A great big THANK YOU to all who sent Heath birthday wishes and Christmas cards!

Update from Heath Stocks March 19, 2009

I am very sorry to any and all of you for any feelings hurt in my absence over the last year. I can't believe so much time has passed since I was involved with the website, and I do apologize for leaving everyone in the dark. No one deserved that after the years of prayer and support and all I can say is I'm sorry I couldn't be stronger. Many people told me before the clemency hearing to be prepared either way, and in my head I honestly believed I was. I also believed in my heart that we would see an answer to our prayers, and I would finally receive clemency after all things considered that never were. Everyone felt the hearing went well but one glaring comment stood out in my mind from a board member. After almost a year and a half of waiting for the hearing, I heard him say "Well, I read your application yet still don't understand why?" and my heart fell. I knew then what the outcome would be, yet in my heart prayed for a different one. Anyone that can read this site, read the information we presented, should be able to understand at least that there was a lot that was never considered when I was sentenced. So, I broke down, lost hope and I've struggled over a year beneath my disappointment. I should have pushed on as I always have, been strong and focused on others, but desperation set in where it hadn't before. I lost myself in teaching, reading, writing some and not others, and in the end felt I failed not just myself but others as well.

Where do you start? I didn't know or have any idea what to tell anyone, because after 10 years of saying "I know they will see the truth, see my heart, see how far I came," now it had come and gone. I am sorry for not being as strong as some have known me to be, but dreams come easy to those with hope and shatter so quickly when you lose it.

I want to thank everyone that still wrote over the last year and thank those that helped me with the clemency. Nancy has always run this site well, championed my cause and never once asked for anything other than friendship. I also want to extend an invitation to anyone that would like to write or if anyone would like to get back in touch with me. People move and the world changes every day, so without your help I may not be able to get a letter to you. Those like Chantel in Germany or Simien in Taiwan, because I have trouble at time reading addresses that have been smeared in the trip or letter damaged. I will do my best to catch up with everyone if you write and if not I'll try to update more often.

I also need to thank locals back home that recently have asked family or others about me. Chris Tomb, Coach Steelman, a high school Spanish teacher, people I went to school with. It means more than you know to be remembered and thought of, so please know I appreciate each one of you. Soon I'll write something longer to take you on my trip over the last year or so, and I'll do my best not to bore you. I am still at the school here at Tucker Maximum Security, not Tucker across the road and still enjoy teaching those that want to learn. In the process of helping others get an education. I in turn share their victories and learn their failing to learn anything I teach is on me. Sure, there are those that simply don't care or see the need for a GED, but if you can inspire them to see the need, push themselves, then there is no greater feeling in the world. "Lifers" are very hard to inspire because we've all been told we'll never get out. All the trade programs and educational opportunities are focused on those that can get out, so those with Life or Life-without can only gain a GED. It's sad when you think most of those in and out of prison are the non-violent offenders, yet they are the sole focus of the programs meant to better us. So if you think its hard to motivate your child to learn, then try doing it with a man in prison for 30 years that lost hope of ever being anything more than 15 years ago. Thank You needs to be said to all teachers out there because mine have given me the tools to help others. Who ever knew a teacher could do so much in the world? Or should I say who knew a "Lifer" could help others learn and realize it means something to do so. I'm no great teacher and have no degree, but I still feel good when a man twice my age shakes my hand and says "thank you" for helping him.

Last I want to encourage everyone to try and pay attention to the kids now days. When the economy suffers so do families and children may be put in positions where they can more easily be abused. Both parents have to work to make ends meet, yes, but be aware of who you leave them with. Never be so busy you can't see the light and innocence fade from a child's eyes because once it's gone it doesn't return. It's one thing to say "I love you," and another when you don't make time to show it. You are all in my thoughts and prayers. Anyone wanting to learn more about abuse in the Boy Scouts, I have a book for you. "Scouts Honor" by Patrick Boyle is a book all should read before you put your son in the scouts or consider it.

Thank you,


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Clemency Update, January 2008

Heath's clemency hearing was held in November 2007 with the Parole Board's decision being announced in December 2007. The Board voted unanimously to deny clemency stating "insufficient time served" and "nature and seriousness of the offense" - standard responses indicated on a form.

Naturally, Heath, his family and friends were saddened by this news. It seemed such a flat response after the board took 15 months to consider the application & hold a hearing. As expected, Arkansas Governor, Mike Beebe followed the recommendation fo the board.

Heath would like to thank everyone who supports him in his quest for clemency. We see this not as an end, but just the beginning of what is going to be a long journey. Heath can reapply for clemency every 6 years and plans on doing just that.

Look forward to an update from Heath soon!

Update January 27, 2008

Heath has been very busy working in the prison school. The long work day has left him little time to write letters & keep up to date with correspondence. Heath has also been digesting the news of the denial of his clemency request and hopes to send an update on how he feels about it all. Thanks for your patience!

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Update from Heath Stocks, January 8, 2007

I hope that had a wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year celebration. I mailed out over 50 Christmas cards this year & hope that I was able to write to everyone. I did have a few returned to me, so if you didn't receive one, know that I am sorry and write me with your new address. Just know that you were all thought of and I hope that each and everyone of you were blessed. I received more than my share of Christmas cards as well, and want to thank everyone that took the time to remember me. It always feels good to know that I am in your thoughts on such a special day. I spent the day reading the real story of Christmas in my Bible and was lucky enough to be able to see the movie "The Passion" as well. For those of you that don't know what I am talking about, "The Passion" is a movie that was directed my Mel Gibson and covers what Jesus suffered so that we might be forgiven for our sins. If you have not watched it, then I would advise you to do so. The movie is graphic. I think that there is little reason to sugar coat what Jesus suffered through the whole process of being arrested, beaten, judged and finally crucified on a cross. It gives you a whole new appreciation for the love that He has for us all and should make you want to thank Him as it did me. Who knows? For those of you that don't know Jesus, then maybe it will help you to find what you have been missing.

I want to thank everyone that has written and offered their support recently and thank everyone for the prayers that you have offered up for me and my family. They need them as much as I do because they will be going through some tough times as this clemency process plays out. They have already endured some negative comments but I am thankful that those comments have been few and far between. Just keep praying and we will all hope that the Board will make a favorable decision. It has been a long time coming and I know each and everyone of you is just as ready for this as I am. None of us is sure what will happen, what will change if anything, but I want everyone to now that no matter the out come that I thank you. I thank you for the years of support, the love and friendship, the encouragement for my family, and for just never giving up on me. I would have never made it without you all and the letters that have come to lift my spirits when they are down.

Things at the school have been about the same as they were. During Christmas the school was shut down for a few weeks. I have been very blessed with this job and can only hope that I can continue to help people here receive their GED so once they leave here, getting a job and staying out of trouble is easier. For some that is harder than others, but even the most hard headed like to write home and tell their families they accomplished a GED. I want to thank the people that have made recent donations of computer parts and DVD's to the school recently. I hope you know that you have made the school here a better place. The movies have given us a way to give the guys something to enjoy and a different way to practice writing their essays. We try to show a movie on Fridays, give them paper an pencil for notes, and they have to turn in an essay written on three things they liked most about it. While this may seem simple for most of you, the people trying to pass the GED find writing an essay is very important. You can actually pass all the parts of the GED and not writing a good essay will make you fail. So, I just wanted to thank everyone for the gifts and for working with Kathie to have them donated. Since the school here doesn't have a computer lab, the only school in the ADC that doesn't have one, a future project and hope for us is to create one. I'm not sure how much luck we will have, but I am hopeful that at least we can also get some of these guys some experience with a computer. Everyone wants people to get out and stay out of here. I believe that an education is one of the most important things that aid them in that.

I know that this isn't long and it has taken me longer than usual to get an update done. The truth is that this Christmas has been harder than most. Sometimes it just hits me harder than others and I will that I had my family back here to spend the day with. For all of that that also have felt their loss during this past holiday season, I am truly sorry. I hope that the New Year brings us all the blessings, dreams, hopes and forgiveness that we all seek in our hearts.

Yours truly,


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Update from Heath Stocks, November 18, 2006

Let me first say thank you to all the people that have supported me and have been praying for me over the years. Lots of prayers have been answered this week, and if you aren't aware yet I have been granted a hearing by the Arkansas Board of Parole. For now it seems that the hearing may be scheduled for January 2007. My family and I are thrilled that the Board found it in their hearts to grant us this hearing. Now I have the opportunity to tell my story as it should have been told in the beginning.

Even though I don't know what the end result will be, I do know that my family has done more to stand by me than I could have ever hoped for. I know that it has been hard on them to heal, to visit me regularly to help me to heal and to deal with the others that were hurt and opposed to me ever having a chance at freedom. I don't know what would have happened to me without their love and support. I am thankful for all that my family has forgiven me for when they could have easily turned their backs on me based upon my actions. I know that taking the taking of three wonderful lives is not what people think of when they consider second chances. My grandparents just want to know that their grandson will have a chance to get out of prison before they die. Is that so much to ask when we all have lost so much?

I would like to address some of the seemingly negative opinions and opposition that have surfaced as part of this announcement to the public. I know that some of you may not be happy with some of what you have heard or seen in the news. I don't see any reason to get upset with this. Sure, even I have been disappointed by some and hurt, but the truth is I have never expected to have total support and even expected some to speak out against me. These people have just as much right to state their opinion as we do to fight for what we believe to be the truth.

One news item I would like to specifically respond to are the comments made by Karen Knox on KATV News, Channel 7. Prior to submitting my clemency application I wrote to Mrs. Knox and asked for her support. In the news segment Mrs. Knox commented about my letter stating, "He sounded very coherent, yet he didn't. He sounded like he was in a fairytale that everything was going to be OK, but OK may not mean getting out." If asking for her to write a letter of support for me is living in a "fairytale" then I am sorry that hoping for support from her was so unrealistic. In the letter I also told her that I would respect her decision if she chose not to write a letter of support, but I don't recall r coming across as a person not in touch with reality. In fact, the reality I live in is one that I have to embrace every day I wake up. If I had no hope for what tomorrow may bring then what kind of hope would I have for the future? I know that the Knox family has also suffered a great loss like my own family has. I have nothing but respect for the Knox family and I hope that you can see in her a wounded mother and friend. She lost her son as a direct result the abuse he suffered from at the hand of Jack Walls and nothing she could do could save him. She also lost a friend in my mother due to my own break down. We have all suffered and will continue to because the affects of that abuse will last for the rest of our lives.

For those people that have come to know me over the years, I ask that you simply consider the man that you know me to be, the friend that I try to be and the loving person I am. Also remember that I am always talking to people about my past mistakes and trying to share the lessons I have learned. Some would say that people can't change when you make mistakes or have suffered from the many years of abuse I endured. I am happy that the people that matter to me the most know how far I have come down the healing path. For those that struggle with my actions I pray that in some way you may eventually come to an understanding and forgive me too. I am truly sorry for everyone's pain and I wish it were mine alone to bear. It would be fantasy thinking to think that I was the only one that has suffered. The loss of my family has created a deep hole within me and I pray especially for those that also suffer with a similar emptiness. I can't make the pain or loss go away, all I can do is appreciate the love and support I do have and I pray for those that have been wounded and oppose me. I know all too well that the abuse that I suffered was no excuse for the three lost lives of my family. The truth of the abuse I suffered was never told before my sentencing occurred. It is my sincere belief and the belief of those closest to me that this knowledge would have made a huge impact on my sentencing.

For those that do not know, I need to have a parole plan ready as part of the clemency process. It is my hope that I will be able to be paroled out of state to California. This way I won't be here to upset anyone that doesn't want me around. I just wanted to say that so everyone know where I hope to be going when given the chance. I still have a long way to go in the clemency process and if my sentence is reduced to a number of years it may be many more years before I am eligible to apply for parole.

I want to thank everyone for making my 30th birthday a great one with all the cards, love and support that I received last week. I have gotten so many cards that I do believe that the mail lady has to separate the mail for the rest of the prison and them give me mine. Ha! It was incredibly moving to get so many cards and I can only hope that you know how much I love you all for it.

I want everyone to know that I am also feeling better. If you didn't know I was recently struggling with some swollen glands in my throat. Lymph nodes to be exact and have some very serious swelling beneath my tongue. I had no idea what is was and neither did the "doctor", and when the swollen tongue part never even registered with the "nurses", I knew that I was on my own. Well, do you know when you lift your tongue that you have 2 glands beneath that secrete saliva? One of them was so swollen and painful that just eating was causing my throat to swell and made my tongue hurt so badly I was putting 800 mg of Ibuprofen under it and letting them dissolve there. Last night, I noticed that there was something white like a pimple beneath my tongue, and of course my mind was going wild over all the deadly diseases that I could have. People were avoiding me saying I had the mumps even. Ha! Anyways, I found a sewing needle and after using both hot water and alcohol on it there was about to be a surgery. One way or another I was going to get some release from the pain and I was determined not to let anyone help either. : -) So, I tried to poke it and found that the thing was hard as a rock! Seems that whatever was trying to get out had to pass through that little channel beneath my tongue and with a little tug with the tip of the needle it came out, sweet joy! I was so happy that I offered to feed the guy that loaned me the needle. In the end I wound up having four chunks of stuff that came out. The piece that had me so stopped up was about the size of a match head, yellow and hard as I said, like a rock. I had almost convinced myself that I was dying, so I was thrilled that I wasn't going to at least loose my tongue. It really is the little things in life, huh? I that isn't the kind of think that I would normally share, but I wanted to simply because I am so happy not to be suffering anymore.

All has been well at school and I have been able to learn all that is involved in running a program like we have here. I haven't learned all of it, no, but I have picked up a lot and have been able to learn a lot more about the computers than I ever knew before. I want to thank Ann and Kathie for sending the computer books, and for helping me work on getting some courses that I can benefit from. Thank you for investing in me and my education as you all have from the beginning. I do need to say that the school job has given me a whole new appreciation for the teachers I had and I can only hope that we can help these guys get their GED passed so they can feel good about their future. I have a great deal of respect for our teacher, Mr. Turchi, because he has a way of getting even the most hard headed to pay attention. It has been a great experience so far, and I think that people are beginning to learn that they can't get away with what they used to in the school rooms. It is just a different place when you have people working there that care. I hope that we can only make the school a place that is a source of positive direction for everyone.

I want to send out a special thanks to a few new people that have been writing to me the last few months. They have done a wonderful job in making sure that I received a lot of nice cards and letters. I want to thank Kelly and her Aunt Judy for all the love and support that they have given to me. I didn't know them when I was free but they knew my family and it has been a joy to get to know them. They have been very good to me and have lifted up my heart with their support. I have people write to me from all over the USA, but there is nothing like hearing from people that knew me before this. Nice to know that some still remember the young man I was back then and that I was and still am a good person at heart. Your support means the world to my family as well and I hope everyone knows we wouldn't have made it to where we are without your help. I don't know about some people, but for me each year that passes I have found more and more to be thankful for and realized how important it is to appreciate the little things. After all, it is all that I have here, the little things that people out there help me to have to feel alive and loved. It is nice to be a piece of someone's life they don't feel if better off forgotten. Few have ever had to experience that. To some I deserve nothing less, but to know you are better off forgotten isn't something that is easy to accept.

Last, I want to say that with the year coming to an end I would like to remind everyone that the Knox Center is in need of donations to continue to run. There has been a lot of good done since the center opened, and if anyone is considering donating to a charity, I can't think of one more deserving. Children need all the help they can to face their abusers, put the abuse to an end and do so in a manner that isn't any more difficult than it is already. Wade didn't deserve the things he went through and neither did I. So, if you can, make a donation to make sure that kids have a place to go.

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Clemency Update, November 11, 2006

The Arkansas Board of Parole announced on Thursday, November 9, 2006 that Heath will be granted a clemency hearing! This is very exciting news and an answer to many prayers. The timing of this announcement could not have been better as Heath's birthday is tomorrow. What a wonderful birthday present. As of now, no specific date has been set for the hearing but the Board stated it could be as soon as January 2007.

The announcement of the hearing is drawing local media attention with an article published in the newspaper and stories ran on several local TV news channels. To read the article published in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette yesterday, you must search their Archives using Heath's name and pay their quoted price. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette also has many news articles written about Heath's case in their Archives, from the time the murders were committed up to now. Our Media Coverage page also includes all known media articles published freely on the internet and includes links to the latest TV news stories published.

I'm sure that Heath will be forthcoming with an update soon so stay posted for more information.

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Published 8/18/06 in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette:

LEGAL NOTICE FOR Stocks, Heath 110429

Pursuant to Ark. Code Ann. 5-4-607, interested persons are advised that the above named inmate has filed for Executive Clemency, requesting the Governor to commute his/her sentence. Heath Stocks, ADC# 110429, was convicted in Lonoke County, Arkansas, 06/06/1997, of Capital Murder.

The application will be reviewed by the Post Prison Transfer Board on or about October 3, 2006, at which time the Board will make a recommendation to the Governor on the merits of the application.

Individuals wishing to comment or express opinions on this application for Executive Clemency may write to the Parole Administrator, Department of Community Corrections, P.O. Box 8707, Pine Bluff, Arkansas 71611. To be fully considered, responses must be received prior to the date the Board is scheduled to review the application.

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Update from Heath Stocks. . . September 1, 2006

I know that it has been awhile, and every time I think that I have got things in line so that I can keep everyone more up to date it seems like things go into a whirl wind. I do want everyone to know that I did get over the sickness I was suffering from and from what I was told I was just going through the Bronchitis I have suffered from as a kid. I can tell you though it seemed worse than it has in a long time, and after having to wait like two weeks for meds I finally got the Antibiotics that I needed to give it the boot. Took me another two or three weeks to feel like myself, but I can tell you after being so sick for so long I was just tickled pink to have some energy back.

Now to catch everyone up on things here, I want everyone to know that I no longer work at the library. I know that this will disappoint a lot of people, but I can tell I ended up being moved to a place that I can try to further my education and not have to deal with near as many people. I will miss some things in the library, of course, but just so you all know I was asked to go into the school and replace a guy that got locked up for fighting. I am now a school helper and I assist the teacher as well as keep the school clean and arranged with chairs and tables as different groups use the classrooms. I do pass out paper and pencils to people coming to class from population, and we will go to the lock down inmates to give them the materials so they can do practice tests for Pre GED. All in all it is a better job in that it has more that I can use to help me grow, and if there are sincere people that want help learning how to read I may be able to help them. I don't know that people will think that this is a job that will be better than the one that I had, but let me tell you there was more need for me in the school than the library. The floors had been about half stripped of their wax when the guy got locked up, so I had to finish stripping the floors and then put enough wax on them for me to be happy with the end result. At first I thought that I would just be helping the school by finishing the floors, but in the end they decided to keep me and have someone here that wasn't going to cause problems or give away the school.

As I have told you in the past about the library, there will always be people that hate that I have this job and especially the ones that had some kind of hustle going on with the guy that is now gone. They know that I am not going to steal and I am not going to invite everyone and his brother to visit, or have people use the school for their own private stash zone. I just don't want the trouble around me and I never hustle the job as people are so fond of saying. In other words, I won't sell things I have access to at work, won't carry contraband up and down the hallways, and I sure won't hold something for someone at work. Those aren't qualities that are common to be honest, but for me it's about respecting the person I am working for and having some morals. Some people would probably roll their eyes at me and say that I am just playing the game of trying to be an angel once I am in prison, but the truth is I wasn't a thief in the world and I an not going to be one now.

Just like when I worked in the library and I got my watch stolen not paying attention, and then finding out the guy that had it now is someone that I have had words with in the past. How do I know he got it? Well, the barracks porter that we had got busted yesterday for masturbating and showing the female officer how much fun he was having, so we got another porter last night and guess who he was? Yep, the same fellow that I was told had my watch, and he sure came in wearing the thing like he owned the place. Just like someone stealing from your house and then you see them wearing your clothes or jewelry. So what are you going to do? I can lose my job, mess up my clemency, lose my class, touch visits, get assigned to lock down for a fight, and of course do the 30 days in the hole that a fight requires if I let pride force me to whip the guy. Tell the police? I already have and even told them where to go look for the damn thing, but he happened to be tight with the right one so the white boy just lost his stuff.

What can I say? This is prison and not the place where justice is seen very often or for that matter morals and values of any kind, but how can I say that I am different if I throw all I have to the wind over a watch someone gave to me anyways? Some would say it was a matter of principle and that I should do something to prove that I am not one to be stolen from, but at what cost do we go to prove how much our pride means to us? Me, well, I guess he has a good watch now and he needed it more that I did, but I know I have a lot of people praying for and supporting me and I don't want to let you down. For some pride is all, but for me it's all about doing what is best and remembering that I am not alone in the in the challenges that I face. Boy, I can tell you it isn't easy, though, every time I have to ask someone what time it is I can see him across the barracks. I can get another watch and buy one from the store or someone with an extra, but I do know that I can't buy a job like the one I have now and the pride it brings to those that know me and know I take pride in what I can give those I love and care about. Hey, not everyone can say they work in school, and if you know me then you know I went to college to be one before I ended up in this place.

So, now you know I am alright and will continue to be, but you also know that things are never as simple as they seem. How so? Most could care less about getting their GED, and will actually flunk their practice tests so they are put in school and can get a lay in to avoid work half a day, three times a week. Everything is a game and if you won't help them play their games then you get to be all the colorful things they know even if they can't spell them. You see, for a lot of these guys, they are here because other prisons didn't want them or they were a threat to the people around them and needed to be locked down in a cell somewhere. You can lead a horse to water, but you can't make him drink, ya know? :-) I don't know where this job will lead and what will happen but if it benefits me it is where I am supposed to go.

I want to close by saying I am sorry to everyone that hasn't heard from me, because I have gotten behind with the work that I had to catch up at the school since being put over here. I know that something seems to always be happening that causes me from time to time to slip out of the schedule that I have, but I do thank everyone for the patience and support. The clemency board is to review my file October 3, so please keep me in your prayers and stay in touch so you can help if needed.

I am sending a big thank you out for the post cards I have received from the wonderful people at PTO (Prison Talk Online), and the free stuff that my friend Cheryl has been sending my way.

I also want to share with you all a poem that my friend Sam sent me recently that really touched me. I think you will enjoy it as well. Just know that I am thinking of you, appreciate your support, and hope you will keep up the prayers.

If you can keep your head when all about you
Are losing theirs and blaming it on you;
If you can trust yourself when all men doubt you,
But make allowance for their doubting too;
If you can wait and not be tired by waiting,
Or being lied about, don't deal in lies,
Or being hated, don't give way to hating,
And yet don't look too good, nor talk too wise:

If you can dream - and not make dreams your master;
If you can think - and not make thoughts your aim;
If you can meet with Triumph and Disaster
And treat those two imposters just the same;
If you can bear to th truth you've spoken
Twisted by knaves to make a trap for fools,
Or watch the things you gave your life to, broken,
And stoop and build 'em up with worn-out tools;

If you can make one heap of all your winnings
And risk it on one turn of the pitch-and-toss,
And lose, and start again at your beginnings
And never breathe a word about your loss;
If you can force your heart and nerve and sinew
To serve your turn long after they are gone,
And so hold on when htere is nothing in you
Except the Will which says to them: "Hold on!"

If you can talk with crowds and keep your virtue,
Or walk with kings - nor lose the common touch,
If neither foes nor loving friends can hurt you,
If all men count with you, but none too much:
If you can fill the unforgiving minute
With sixty seconds' worth of distance run -
Your's is the Earth and everything that's in it,
And -- which is more -- you'll be a Man, my son!"

by Rudyard Kipling

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Previous Update from Heath Stocks. . . July 27, 2006

I know that is has been awhile since I gave everyone an update, and I hope that you will forgive me for the amount of time that has passed since you last heard from me. I just wanted everyone to know that some calls were made and I found out that my clemency paperwork will go before the board for review in September. We don't have an exact date as this is only a screening that the Parole Board uses to "cull" out any applications that they find to be without merit. The applications that they find to be "with merit" are then scheduled for a hearing at a later date. It is at this hearing that I will have a chance to speak and so will my family. My family will be present in support of my clemency and as the victims in my case.

Please pray for me and for everyone that is involved in the process. This in no way will be easy and I don't mean in presenting my case to the board. My clemency will be in the local paper and TV more than likely, as are all clemency applications so that the public is aware. Whenever the public media is involved it means that I will have to deal with people here in prison as well. That is a burden that is hard to bear and at times will no doubt take all the strength I have, but I have walked away from trouble every time that I could and I will continue to do that. I have learned by working in the library at the prison that my patience needed some serious work. I can tell you that I have a whole new respect for those people called librarians in the world. I was told recently that I had one of the top 10 least stressful jobs in the world and can tell you that it made me laugh out loud. I can't see how any librarian would say that, certainly not one that works within the walls of the ADC ;-) You name it and we deal with it. That means from grown men that try to tear pictures out of magazines to lust after in their cells to those that steal "good books" to try and sell them for a cigarette, or simply someone trying to steal anything that isn't put up or in your hands. We have to work on the books constantly as you can imagine with paperbacks, but even the hard backs get torn up from people trying to hide money, drugs or a cigarette. Don't get me wrong, not everyone here tears up the books or steals or cusses you when you don't give them a pen or tape, but it also makes you wonder at the people that are getting out of here. Just something to roll over in you mind and make you thankful for the job you have and even those co-workers that seem to drive you crazy ;-)

I have also had some kind of cold that I haven't been able to let go of, so I am sorry to those that have written to me in the last couple weeks and have yet to get a response. I am trying to catch up all that I can, and hope by the end of the week to be back on top of things. In the mean time, please know that I appreciate all the support that I have received from everyone, and for the letters of support that continue to come in. If you would still like to send in a letter of support, send it directly to me or email it to one of the web sites. Thank You!

Before I forget, I would like to touch on something that a friend brought to my attention recently. I know that it might seem odd to hear someone in prison asking people to talk to their state representatives or congressman about making changes that would put more people in prison, but I want to do just that and hope you will see the point that I am trying to make. There are people all over our country (and the world) that suffer abuse as children, endure the painful effects their entire life, but when they have built up the courage or have healed enough to speak out against their abusers the law can no longer do anything about it. This is because of a thing called statute of limitations. A statute of limitations defines the time frame that legal action can be taken in specific circumstances. As far as I know, murder is the only crime that has no statute of limitation. Many child abusers escape prosecution because by the time a person confronts their abuser the statute of limitations or time frame to prosecute the crime has run out or passed. This is truly a weak point in our justice system because the effects of this abuse last throughout a lifetime. I would like to encourage you to find out what the statue of limitations is in your state for child abuse then write your lawmakers and ask that it be extended for as long as possible. It is horrible for a child to be abused and I think that if that child has to grow up to face their abuser then they should every chance to. A crime is a crime, regardless of how long ago it happened. It is an established fact that a child abuser will repeat the offense, this is why sex offender registries were created. Please let your lawmakers know that you want to ensure that justice comes to children and adults of abuse alike, because even if the victim lives there is a part of them that is murdered. I can only hope that you feel the same way in your hearts and think that it's something worth talking about.

Yours truly ........ Heath Stocks

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Previous Update from Heath Stocks. . . June 6, 2006

I know it has been a while since everyone has heard from me in an update and I appreciate Nancy taking the time to keep people as caught up as possible. She's had her hands full helping me get the clemency done and I can tell you she has done a wonderful job. The paperwork is done and we hope to have it filed this week. Once it has been filed I will give another update. I've been very touched by the letters that we have received and need everyone to write one if they haven't. All you need to indicate in your letter is why you support my efforts to gain a reduced sentence and how your life may have been touched by hearing my story (if at all). Any letters received after the clemency paperwork is filed will be forwarded to the Parole Board or presented at my hearing.

Now, for everyone that has been wondering what happened to me the last few months I'll fill you in. As you know I got into trouble for smoking, lost my class and laundry job as well as my contact visits weekly. I did get my class 2 back on appeal, but had to do some time on the hoe squad as well as wait for another job. After the required length of time, I gained my class 1 back and ended up on maintenance doing hot tar work on the roof. About a month ago got moved where I could get my contact visits back. Believe me, contact visits are a gift! Also, it felt so good to see my family in person and get hugs again. Then a couple weeks ago, things changed again. I was given a job working in the library. A huge blessing for me because it is one of the best jobs in this prison and one of the few that let you work on a computer. No, I do not have access to the internet. We use the computer to help us keep track of books and all the other paperwork involved in running a library. I can tell you if you think running a library a library is easy you are sadly mistaken. I am learning the job and I love it. I can't tell you how hard it is to get such a job in here and it means the world to me. I have a coffee pot, 2 computers and a radio in a clean, quiet place. In here that's about as good as it gets. I also get pressed clothes again because of the job, so the job has all the benefits. Things have been falling into place and I thank everyone for your thoughtfulness and prayers.

Please know you can play a huge part in helping us in the coming months. I pray you will all be patient and stay with us. All we have worked for is coming together. In the end we will still need everyone's help supporting the clemency. I know there are people out there that will be against me and all I ask is you pray for them as well. They have their reasons, what ever they may be, but I refuse to give up a chance to be free one day even though some can't forgive. My family and friends know who I am at heart and love me. In the end, what else really matters? Just remember a time will come soon when I'm going to need every voice to be heard and I thank you for all you have done. If anyone wants to help and don't know how they can, please write me and I'll tell you how - some ways free of cost and not taking much time. You can also read over this site again on how you can help and go from there. If nothing else, reach out to a child around you today and show them your love and concern for their growth and well being.

Thanks again for all your support........ Heath Stocks

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Previous Update. . . April 28, 2006

Heath is in the process of writing an update for the web site. This spring has been especially challenging for Heath, he has a new job, been in 2 different barracks (recently moved this week)ans most importantly, he has been working on his clemency application. All of this has put web site updates and letter writing on the bottom of the list.

Heath really needs your support right now too. His clemency application is mostly complete and in the review stage.

As part of the clemency application he is including all the signatures made on his electronic petition. If you have not signed the petition, please do so ASAP and ask as many folks as you can to do the same. Remember each signature must be verifiable, in case the Parole Board does some spot checking.

Another way to support Heath right now is to write a letter of support to the Arkansas Parole Board. In your letter indicate that you "fully support Heath's efforts to obtain a reduced sentence". Address your letter to: Arkansas Parole Board, P.O. Box 34085, Little Rock, Arkansas 72203.


Heath would like to present all letters, together as part of his clemency application. Mail your letter ASAP to: Heath Stocks #110429, Maximum Security Unit, 2501 State Farm Rd, Tucker, AR 72168-9503.

While all letters and signatures of support are important and deeply appreciated, those that live in the Lonoke community will have the greatest impact. There are many local voices that will speak out against Heath for one reason or another. It will help Heath tremendously to have the written support from those in the community that support his efforts at sentence reduction.

Please check back for updates on the clemency progress. Thanks for your support!

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Previous Update from Heath Stocks. . . February 23, 2006

I am sorry it has taken so long to get another update posted, I've not been as consistent as I had hoped to be. There's a lot to be caught up on and hopefully it will help everyone realize why I haven't been able to keep up with everyone lately. Let me first apologize to everyone who has been affected by my recent poor decision and related "trouble." I have struggled with a smoking habit and since the ADC banned inmates from smoking, it has gotten me into trouble four times now. That being said I need to back up and fill in everyone on what happened, and hope you all can forgive me for lacking the strength to put this addiction behind me long ago.

On January 8th, I was in 11 barracks and happened to get caught up in an ordeal bigger than myself. You see an inmate in our barracks had been running a crap (dice) game every night, keeping people up late when we all had to work. Some of the inmates began to complain. So, the guards started coming around the barracks more, but that only made the games take place later at night. Some of the guards were being paid off to watch for officers that were trying to put an end to it, so this inmate had a jump on things. Well, one day when we had several inmates from different barracks shooting dice in our barracks, an officer walked in on them. He asked them to bust up the game, and a couple of the inmates bad talked him. Being an older gentleman, he did what he knew best. He left and went to tell someone who could stop it. That night, after he informed his supervisor, they decided to use a video camera to record through the window of our barracks and catch these gamblers. Maybe you can see where this is going, but I'll tell you anyways. The guy they were after so badly had only one guy gambling with him and that guy had his back to the camera. But here I am, plain as day, smoking a cigarette with some guys in the bathroom. Needless to say all that got caught smoking were called out of the barracks and one by one called into the Captains office. All we were asked was "who's gambling?", and then we all got locked up in administrative segregation pending disciplinary court review. Well, in disciplinary court all the smokers got busted to class 4, got 30 days in the hole and that was that. The guy they wanted for running the gambling, who is also known to move tobacco and drugs, beat the disciplinary. His argument was he couldn't be found guilty of gambling alone - the other guy gambling with him couldn't be identified since his back was to the camera. The smokers go to the hole and the problem gambler goes free, but there is a happy ending to this. All the smokers appealed to the Warden and he modified our punishment so we only lost 1 step in class and were released from the hole. Doesn't matter the dealer got away, we were all in the wrong and got a very nice blessing from the Warden. So in the end, I lost a step in class (from 1 to 2), lost my job in the laundry, lost my weekly contact visits and now live in Barracks 3 on hoe squad. For those that don't know what hoe squad is, I'll tell you it's not fun. We use hoes to clean out the long grass in ditches, dig holes if one needs dug, fill in one that needs filled, pick up trash, and generally do whatever needs to be done. All supervised by men on horseback with guns, in case the inmates decide to hack each other with their hoes instead of the grass. Yes, it happens no matter how much security they have. Just like I told you about the sexual assaults and even now the smoking, the people running prisons can only do so much to stop people in here from doing what they want to do. I say that because I don't want to sound as if I am attacking the system, when I am only describing the realities of this world as I see them. This is where society sends those that break laws, so for most it's no time to change much less for the better. Sure there are dirty officers and racism but even in the world are there not the same problems? It's not a sign the system is failing or that the administration isn't doing it's job, but it is a sign that no matter where you are people and their flaws limit progress. No system is perfect because people run it, and no person is perfect because we all think we can run our lives on our own too, without flaws. To those that I've let down, I'm sorry and will do my best to stay out of trouble. Hopefully no one will think smoking is a sign I refuse change for the better as well.

On a lighter note, I will regain my class 1 on March 15th and that will give me back my weekly visits even behind glass. I know my family hates visiting with the glass between us and I am so very sorry about causing this. They struggle to hear me and they hate not being able to give me a hug. Me too! Once I have a job and a bed comes open in 9 - 12 barracks, I'll be able to have weekly touch visits again. There is a waiting list of course, so I'll have to work my way back up. It's a long way to fall for a couple of drags on a cigarette. I don't think this will affect me in a negative way as far as my clemency goes because it is not a violent offense and no one can say that I am playing the system by staying out of trouble. I'm human, make mistakes and will do so as long as I'm living and learning. I can only ask you to be patient with me and forgive my mistakes.

Now I want to update everyone on the progress with my clemency. Ms. Nancy Chance has been working very hard on my clemency paperwork with me and doing a lot of leg work I could never do on my own. I want to present the best packet possible to the board and she has been helping me organize things so anyone can see what went wrong and how. Please bear with her when it comes to email responses because it's taking a great deal of her free time to read over my case file to make sure that no stone is unturned. I am in debt to her for that and so many other things, because you can't know the work she's done and doing unless you have seen all that paperwork. She is doing all this while she is working diligently in the Chaplain program she is enrolled in. In her line of work she regularly helps those that have suffered loss of a loved one or need a spiritual hand to hold. She has also been a good friend to me and I hope that everyone will see as I have what a gift she has been and will continue to be.

We don't know for sure yet, but I may have some more interest in my story from a program shown nation wide. A dear friend, Ronda Sheel, has been emailing people asking them to take time to listen to my story and hopefully to the stories of some of the people close to me. I can only hope if it does come to be that I can help others out there in some way, and use my life to do some good. We'll just have to hope and pray that "The View" will decide my story is one worth being told again and if for no other reason than to speak out against child abusers and enlighten parents.

I want everyone to know that an old friend of mine has surfaced and since his health has improved so much he's offered his help once again. Mr. Edward Blackwelder and his wife Shirley live in Piedmont, Alabama and have been known to me for a long time. Mr. Blackwelder is a retired law professor, minister, private investigator and for those that don't know, was the person I chose to preside over my wedding back in 2002. I say this so you know he's been involved with my case and me on an intimate level, and now will assist Ms. Chance with my clemency. We are all too happy to have his experience and intelligence added to our fight and to have such a good hearted man to depend on. He is also writing a book about my case in detail, and we will be working on that in the coming months. I know a lot of people would love to know a lot more about my case and Mr. Blackwelder want to present it the way it should have been over 9 years ago. I give many thanks to Mr. & Mrs. Blackwelder for their determination to help and for their years of generous support.

Now everyone knows what has been going on and I don't have to write the same thing over and over. I guess it could be like writing lines on an old chalk board, but I'd never get caught up. I hope that no one has been too worried. I'll not wait so long for the next update.

God bless, Heath

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Previous Update - December 19, 2005

Everyone seems to be well pleased with the way the interview went on TV including me. As we all know it's only a piece of what needs done to educate the public about the prevalence of child abuse in our society. We could do something everyday and it not be enough.

All of the feedback I have recieved about the interview has not been positive. As always I recieve my fair share of comments from inmates who love to have someone to talk about and stares from some that my comments are meant for. Sexual predators are every where in this place, of course, and if it's not their charge then a lot like to prey on the weak of mind. No doubt that many have seen the law reports of rape or sexual assault in the ADC, but in truth it does happen more than people realize. I've never seen anyone raped, no, but I have seen people get scared into having sex for "protection" or selling themselves for drugs or cigarettes. My point is that some have chosen to think that I did the interview for personal gain. Let me tell you, if you think that reliving the most painful experiences for the sake of helping others is easy, you are wrong. To do this and have those that have abused kids laugh at you, talk behind your back and glare at you - well it takes a lot of strength and courage. Then there are the prison sexual predators that look for any weakness to use to their advantage - they accuse me of being a homosexual and tease that I killed my family to protect my "lover". Telling my story like this does nothing to make living in prison easier for me. I have been the center of every Boy Scout joke anyone could come up with and still chose to speak out to help others. I said all this just so you have an idea of what I live with everyday and hope that you now have a little insight that not all the feedback I recieve is positive or supportive.

With Christmas coming up, I would like to challenge everyone to talk to their kids about the meaning of Christmas. Society today seems determined to take religion out of everything. Tell me, what is Christmas without Christ? Just another day, instead of a day of love, joy, family, gifts and forgiveness. I suggest that you go out and buy some toys and let your kids help you donate them, send a Christmas card to someone you don't like, give some money to charity (like the Knox Advocacy Center). There is no greater gift than giving one you know and we all have something to share. Even if it is just sharing some of your time with an elderly neighbor or anyone else that is alone or shut away from the world.

I wish everyone a Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!

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Previous Update - November 26, 2005

Forgive me for the lack of an update lately, but I am going to do my best to try and get something out more often. As most of you know, I recently did a TV interview with Pamela Smith from KARK Channel 7, Little Rock, and that will be airing November 26 at 10pm. For those that live out of state or out of the country, you can read the article, "Keeping Your Children Safe From Sexual Predators", on their website. I have also written about what we discussed and how I answered some of the questions I was asked. Click here to read my recap of the interview.

I must admit I was a little surprised by the personal information that Ms. Smith asked me, because I hadn't really given myself much thought. That being said I can only hope the interview will do some good and give people who are being abused the courage to speak out somewhere, somehow. Ms. Smith and I talked for a little over an hour and covered a wide range of subjects. The main focus of the interview should be child abuse, specifically, how to protect kids and what parents can do to recognize certain things that may point to abuse happening. I'm not a doctor or specialist so what I say is my opinion. I can only hope what I say leads people to research and learn all they can over the internet. We've done what we can to put links on this site and the HeathStocks.com site to aid in that effort, but if anyone has information they feel could help please email Feedback@HeathStocks.org and we'll check it out.

I want to ask everyone to be patient with me about letters. My birthday was November 12 and I am now 29. I was very touched by the people that took the time to send me greetings. I thank everyone for the birthday wishes and cards, especially: Carmen, Vicky, Ronda, Kenny, Mrs. Childress & family, my family, Jeff, Ms. Valentine, Ulrike, Dianne, Terri, Kerstin and Kathie. A few cards may have been delayed past the writing of this due to Veterans Day. The love you all show makes my birthday in here one I can smile about and celebrate. Keep the prayers up for us as we put my clemency application together. Get everyone you can to sign my petition. And please, have no doubts that I appreciate everyone's help.

We all have a lot to be thankful for this Thanksgiving. Lots of people have been through tragedies that have made life difficult to say the least. Support the American Red Cross as much as you can during the holiday season. Be thankful if you haven't been abused because it seems in today's world more are than not.

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Previous Update - October 26, 2005

Heath's clemency filing is on the horizon. I know many people are anxious to hear some news of progress in this area. Heath has recently been advised indirectly by the ADC Post Prison Transfer Board (PPTB) to go ahead and apply for clemency without a lawyer. Heath has initiated the process by requesting the appropriate forms and is waiting on their arrival. Upon submission of these forms the PPTB will review his case and make a decision whether a clemency hearing is appropriate at this time. If deemed appropriate, the PPTB will schedule a hearing and make a recommendation for clemency. During the clemency hearing Heath will be given a short amount of time to present his plea and have others speak on his behalf. If all goes well, a hearing could be on the schedule within a month or two.

At the clemency hearing the petition of signatures will be presented, so your help now in asking others to sign the petition is greatly needed. With Heath applying for clemency himself, all monies in his defense fund will be used directly by him, for him. If at any time he should need legal advice he will have the means to access that advice quickly. This is the time when all supporters need to stand by Heath, encourage him and exercise patience with the whole process. Heath is very appreciative of all those that support him and his quest for justice in obtaining clemency.

Heath is doing well and adjusting to the change in seasons. The Fall season has finally arrived in Arkansas and Heath is enjoying cooler days as he works in the prison laundry. In mid-September Heath was transferred into another barracks. His mailing address remains the same and he still has touch visits. Each time he is moved he must adjust to a new environment and new people. The barracks he is in now is an open barracks with 25 bunks on one side of the room, with showers, toilets and a small community area with phone and TV on the other side of the room. Then, last week, just as Heath was getting settled into his new bunk, they moved him to another bunk. He says his last bunk was right next to the TV and this made it really hard to sleep or have privacy. So this was a positive change.

Heath is also asking that his supporters donate to the charities that are helping those affected by Hurricane Katrina & Hurricane Rita. Heath stays up to date with news events by watching local news from the Little Rock, Arkansas area. Heath also has a weekday subscription to the Arkansas Democrate-Gazette and a local Lonoke newspaper. Heath said it was unbelievable to see the devastastion left behind by these storms. Heath asks that any funds you would normally send to him this month be sent to the American Red Cross and thanks you for your kindness and generosity. Heath also asks that you pray for all those involved in the clean up and rebuilding process.

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Previous Update - September 2005

Heath has hit another bump on his road to applying for a clemency hearing. Earlier this year a lawyer agreed to take Heath's case. Then, due to personal issues completely unrelated to Heath, the lawyer took a leave of absence from his business. The good news is the lawyer refunded the fees that had been paid to him and returned all the materials that had been gathered to date concerning Heath's case. The search is now on for another lawyer and there are several very good prospects presently being considered. As you can imagine this is very frustrating for Heath yet it is a somewhat expected part of the process. Insuring Heath's clemency hearing is properly handled is of utmost importance and time is an unknown factor. The most we can do at this time is to support Heath with our patience and pray that proper legal counsel is found.

Heath's new job in the prison laundry eventually got him transferred to a new barracks where he is now able to have touch visits. This has been a huge relief for Heath and for his family. It was incredibly difficult to visit with Heath behind glass in a small concrete room filled with many visitors and talk to him through a screen. Now Heath can sit with his visitors in a small visitation room under guard supervision. The length of Heath's visits have also been extended to 3 1/2 hours and can be on a Saturday or Sunday. Heath can also be treated to snacks available for purchase at the prison vending area. These snacks usually consist of popcorn, Dr. Pepper (no Mtn. Dew), microwave cheeseburgers, candy bars and ice cream. Um, umm, good!

Heath has also persevered through another installment of the P.A.L. program. This last segment was very challenging due to the changes in the group participants. Heath continued in spite of the difficulties he ran into and will probably take a break from the program as the cirriculim repeats. This program is offered and run by the prison Chaplain and it is under constant revision to insure it is meeting the needs of the inmates. The program repeats due to limited space in the classes so everyone has the chance to participate. Heath will likely rejoin the classes when a new curriculum is available.

The new Wade Knox Child Advocacy Center was officially opened on August 18, 2005. This center is the brian child of Wade's parents, Karen and Charlie Knox. The center is named in memory of Wade Knox who took his own life after struggling for years with the effects of being molested by his uncle, Charles A. “Jack” Walls III. Wade and Heath were both victims in two of the seven charges of rape brought against Walls. The center is designed to provide a safe environment where a victim and non-offending parents can go for help and support. Here a child can tell their story in a non-threatening environment where it is officially recorded. This protects the child from having to relive the experience over and over again as it is repeated to subsequent authorities. Training is being done for all involved so they may talk to children about what happened without interrogating them. You can read more about the center here in the Lonoke Democrat, here in the Arkansas Leader and here on KATV Channel 7. The center is located at 1524 N. Center St, Lonoke, AR. If you would like to make donations, you can contact the center at 501-676-2491.

Heath sends a special thanks to artist Ronda Sheel for creating and donating a special photograph to support Heath's defense fund. Ronda Sheel also donated a beautifully framed, signed and numbered edition of the photograph to the Wade Knox Child Advocacy Center. This photograph can also be purchased directly from the artist and all proceeds are donated to the Heath Stocks Defense Fund. Visit www.thedarklady.com/childhoodlost.html to see the photograph and for additional information on how to purchase a copy.

Heath is also trying to keep up with an always growing list of correspondence. In the last year Heath's mailing list has grown tremendously and at times it is a struggle for him to keep up with letter writing. This has been especially difficult for him during the transitions he has been through this summer. With his new work assignment his schedule for the entire day has shifted and his available free time has changed. He is also working in an extremely hot environment (laundry) with no air conditioning until he is back in his barracks. As you can imagine with the Arkansas summer heat, this has been very tiring. Heath insists on keeping up personal correspondence with those that write to him and only asks that you be patient with his letter writing.

That's all the updates for now! Keep checking back for future updates and thanks so much for your interest and support.

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Previous Update - July 6, 2005

Join me in congratulating Heath on a couple major accomplishments.

Heath received a new job today working in the prison laundry. As part of his new job assignment, he was also transferred to a new barracks and now resides in 1 Barracks, Cell 12. His change in barracks does not affect his mailing address. Heath's visits are still limited to 2 hours behind glass, but with his new job assignment he will eventually be able to transfer to a barracks where he can have touch visits. Touch visits allow you to sit side by side at a table with a guard in the area. Heath has been on a job waiting list for a couple months now and he is very excited for this to finally happen.

Heath also recently completed the first series of lessons in the P.A.L. program. (P.A.L. stands for Prinicples and Application Learning.) This program is made up of several studies including Dr. Robert M. Lewis's curriculum, "A Quest For Authentic Manhood". Several other curriculums are included in the PAL program including a study on understanding addictions. The program utilizes writing exercises, video presentations, reading articles and group discussion as its teaching tools. For more information on the "Quest For Authentic Manhood" curriculum and other programs by Dr. Robert M. Lewis, visit www.mensfraternity.com.

Participation in this program can be risky for an inmate because it requires they openly express themselves in a group setting. This is especially challenging in the prison environment due to the inmate culture with it's underlying message that a man do all he can to protect himself from all type of ridicule or bullying. Being open and truthful in these conditions can be especially difficult for inmates. Those that choose to take the risk may face retribution from the population at any time. This is another aspect of prison life that many people are not aware of, the silent do's and don'ts for survival. Inmates that participate in this program must also perform their daily job duties in addition to attending classes. This means that an inmates' time is limited more than usual and this can add stress to attending the classes.

Heath took some risks in sharing his experiences while in this program. Heath related that due to his openness many others found the courage to also share their stories and as a result, they experienced real personal growth. At the completion of the program Heath was asked by the prison Chaplain to become a group leader for the next series of lessons. The second series of lessons are already in progress. Heath's family and friends are all proud of his accomplishments within this program. Please join us in congratulating and wishing Heath continued success in his new leadership role.


Heath asks that you please continue to help by advertising his websites (www.HeathStocks.org and www.HeathStocks.com). Ask people to sign the petition to support my clemency. Heath also needs to raise the funds needed to handle promotions and legal expenses (like expert testimony fees, etc.). Please visit How you can Help Heath for information on how to donate to his legal defense fund. All monies donated to this fund are used solely for Heath's legal expenses and are not used for any other purpose.

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