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"For I know the plans I have for you," says the Lord. "They are plans for good and not for disaster; to give you a future and a hope." Jeremiah 29:11

A Message From Heath

Thank you for visiting this site which is made to share the story behind what happened in my life that led to my being in prison. It is my hope that people will come to have a better understanding of what abuse over the years did to me and others, and I hope it can explain how painful abuse can be to a child and everyone that loves him/her. As much as I could try to explain what Jack Walls did to me, my life and my interaction with all those around me, only those who have been through it can completely understand how alone you feel and how easy it is to fall victim to someone who seemed so real and someone who focused so much on you and made you feel everything that led you to them in the first place.

For all the years I believed in Jack, the reality throughout healing from everything made me realize that I lost the three people in my life who loved me the most.  It's difficult to express what it was like for me to discover the truth after all those years, the overwhelming remorse from my actions and how much pain I've caused, and it took me awhile to realize everything he ever taught me, everything he ever told me, was anything but the truth. People often ask me why I didn't end the abuse, why I couldn't tell someone, but he made me believe he was all I had. When I did try and tell, my trust and belief in him became so much more because of the reaction I got. In learning the truth about how he not only manipulated us boys, but our families and community, too, I've gone through much shame and guilt for not seeing what is so clear now. I've spent years picking myself apart in trying to figure it all out, and now that I have, it would be even worse not to share in every way I can.

While a part of the purpose of this site may be to raise support and funds to aid in my bid for a chance to someday walk free and start over, I want it to serve an even greater cause. The people that read this have children, let it be a reminder of how much your children need you, need your time and love, need you to listen, and most of all need your protection from those that would prey on their innocence. Talk to your kids, build a trust between you that will give them the confidence to come to you no matter what. A child can't speak when no one has time to listen, and they won't turn to you for help if they don't feel you there. It is my sincere hope that my story can help parents see the dangers a child faces and I hope it will help parents who try so very hard to provide for their children realize it does not take a stranger to destroy a family. It only takes a key, an opening, and anyone has it if children do not feel safe or protected in their own home. The door will open and that child will be unable to close it by themself. Watch for people who want to spend time with your children, be aware of changes in your child's emotional state, how they react to you, and always make them feel like you are really listening. Predators such as Jack choose victims who have problems at home, and he used the problems I had with my dad to manipulate us all and and gain psychological control.

For those people that read this that don't have children, you have brothers, sisters, cousins or even friends that do. Pass on this website and maybe help them learn some valuable information that could save them and their children a lot of pain. Take time to speak out against abuse in whatever way you can, because protecting even one child is worth it.  I thank everyone that has supported me and over the last few years came to realize what was so unclear in the beginning.

For those of you that have been abused, my message to you is that you aren't alone. There are others out there that do understand and have been through the same things. I know it is hard to deal with because the effects of abuse affect every aspect of our lives, but you can overcome what happened with help and lots of love as it is meant to be. Thank you for reaching out to me, for reading and listening to my story. Now think of how much can change if everyone stops to listen when it can make a difference. I would appreciate anything you are willing to do to help me in whatever way you can. If nothing else send this to a friend and ask them to pass it on. Many thanks to the people who saw me on TV and reached out, I'll never forget the love and support you've shown. I believe in my heart we can help others out there, and eventually I will have a chance to start over and begin life as it was meant to live.

God Bless,

Heath Stocks


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