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We have two main objectives on this site. The first is to address the costly consequences of child abuse and to bring families a greater awareness of how the "Jack Walls" that may be in our own communities operate. Knowledge is power, and if anything positive can be drawn from this case it is the power to prevent this type of tragedy from ever occurring again. Secondly, we want Heath to have a fair day in court. We want an unbiased investigation with all the evidence regarding Jack Walls heard by an impartial jury. We want an honest prosecutor and adequate defense counsel, none of which was afforded to Heath in Lonoke County, Arkansas.

We are very grateful for the recent local coverage that has allowed light to be shed on more than one aspect of Heath's case. It's evident that Walls' connections contributed in creating an atmosphere that allowed his continued abuse of Lonoke's sons, but also explains why his victims and their families remained silent. Walls used these connections to infiltrate Heath's defense team and effectively separate himself from his participation in the murders of Heath's family. Just as calculated, Walls' name was never mentioned during Heath's guilty plea or sentencing.

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A Story of a Life Destroyed, a Life Deserved

Thank you for your interest in Heath Stocks and for taking the time to learn more about him. On this web site you will find information about how you can help Heath along with information about child abuse and it's long term effects on the lives it touches. Your support is greatly appreciated and needed.

Heath Stocks, Eagle Scout

Heath Stocks is a victim of child abuse seeking to share his tragic story to prevent the abuse of other young children. No story of child abuse is simple. Statistics show that 1 in 6 children are sexually abused by a family member or trusted family friend. Heath's abuse finally ended when his father, mother and sister were murdered in an effort to protect the man abusing him. Heath's story is sad and will break your heart, especially if you have known someone abused as a child. Heath is speaking out through the media, the internet and any other way he can to make us all aware of the prevalence of child abuse in our society. If only one child is spared the pain that Heath has experienced, his efforts will not be in vain.

Heath is presently in an Arkansas prison, sentenced to life without parole for the murders of his family. Heath's abuser, a trusted Boy Scout Leader and "pillar of the community", Charles "Jack" Walls III, had an enormous amount of power and control in the small Arkansas community of Lonoke. The power this abuser had over his victims kept even the mention of Heath's abuse from coming up at his sentencing. It wasn't until a year after Heath was sent to prison that the story of Jack's abuse was made public.

Charles "Jack" Walls, III was convicted on 6 counts of RAPE and is now serving one life and a 40 year sentence in the Arkansas Department of Corrections, with possibility of parole. Hopefully, this man will never be granted parole and never be able to touch another young boy.

Every little boy deserves a chance to live his life. Heath's life as a child and an adult was stolen by a sexual predator that was suppose to be a trusted family friend. Don't let that mistake happen to your child or any child you know!

Facts about Child Abuse:
  • Approximately 80% of child sex abuse is NEVER reported to authorities.
  • The leading cause of death in children ages four and younger is child abuse or neglect.
  • Most child fatalities from physical abuse are by fathers or other male caretakers.
  • Mothers are considered to be responsible for most child fatalities caused by neglect.
  • Most children are abused by people they know.
  • Many people are afraid of reporting child abuse.
  • Possibly one in three cases of child sexual abuse is not remembered by the adults who experienced the abuse. The younger the child was at the time of the abuse, and the closer the relationship to the abuser, the less likely the adult will remember.
  • Other children are often the perpetrators of child abuse.
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome is the leading cause of death from child abuse in the United States.
  • To report abuse, call the National Child Abuse Hotline: 1-800-4-A-CHILD (1-800-422-4453). If the abuse is a life-threatening emergency, call 911.

To watch "The Scoutmaster's Secret" CLICK HERE

To watch Today's THV Interview May 7, 2012 CLICK HERE

"We have every indication that he (Walls) told him (Heath) to do it and that he was there to see that it was done, if not participate in it. If we could have asked for the death penalty for Jack Walls we would have, but that was not an option."

-Betty Dickey, former Chief Justice and Special Prosecutor for Walls' trial

"This story has so many twists, and turns, and spins to it; it's crazy, it's beyond belief."
--Jack Vincent (Former KARK TV news reporter)

"Whatever way you look at it, it is a tragedy."
--Barbara Walters (20/20, ABC)


Justice for Heath Stocks- Child Abuse Matters

Petition for Sentence Reduction

Update May 15, 2012

Media Inquiries Please


Samantha Deusinger is a talented author who has taken a passionate interest in Heath's case. We have known Sam for many years, and over the last few she has worked diligently to compile thousands of pages of information into a story that is meant to reveal the entire truth. To learn more about Sam and her upcoming book project or to read her blog about Heath's case please visit samanthadeusinger.com

"Scout's Honor" by Patrick Boyle

As you may have learned, Heath was abused on a regular basis from the time he was 10 years old when he joined the Boy Scouts. The pedophile who abused him was his Boy Scout Leader.

If you are interested in learning more about the prevalence of abuse within the Boy Scouts of America organization,
to read the book "Scout's Honor" by Patrick Boyle.

This book tells why Scouting has been an ideal magnet for pedophiles.

The thousands of "secret files" the BSA has recently been forced to disclose speak for themselves and show the ease in which pedophiles such as Jack Walls operated in the BSA. Mr. Boyle's book emphasizes the power that pedophiles gain over their victims, and has brought Heath and other scouts comfort in knowing they are not alone while suffering the effects and consequences of child abuse.


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